Are You an Entrepreneur in the State of Virginia Wanting to Start a Small Business?

Are you a entrepreneur in the state of Virginia looking to start a small business? Are you looking to find more information without spending a lot of time looking? There are several sources that can can help you get started in a very short period of time.

1. Virginia Department of Small Business Assistance

This is a great resource for potential entrepreneurs in the state. Here they have information on starting a business, expanding, financing and workforce development incentives. There is also a library, contact center and workshops for owning your own business, taxes, contracts, entrepreneur networking and a variety of other workshops.

2. Website

If you are looking to source information on small business assistance this would be a good resource. There is a wide variety of information including: Business Registration Guide, Guide to starting a small business and a resource directory. There are also links on international business, information by sector, site selection and expanding a business.


This is a good site for local news on business in the state. There are articles on local small business success stories, a lifestyle section, an opinion section, a calendar of upcoming events and list of leaders, associates etc.

There is a wide variety of information available online that would take hours to search, we hoped we helped you save some time. If you are looking for books there are books available on the businessnation website available. We hope that this information helps you if you are an entrepreneur looking to start a small business.